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A complete, end-to-end, modular banking platform that comes pre-integrated with all the services you need to launch a quick, low cost, greenfield digital banking solution.

We are at a point in time when banks need to invent not evolve. A fundamental point of change. By removing the constraints imposed by legacy technology…
we have imagined a better way to start again.

2 solutions built on 1 modern platform

The Leveris core-banking platform underpins two separate solutions that can be deployed together or independently.

Leveris Digital Bank

Everything you need to run your digital bank. And more.

Leveris Loan Servicing

Any loan type serviced on one digital solution.

Unparalleled feature set

Digital onboarding

Onboard from over 100 countries

Digitally onboard customer from over 100 countries out-of-the-box.

Onboard new customers including the creation of digital identity, 2FA and full KYC/AML in under 2 minutes.

Event Tracking

Track every onboarding events and action on exceptions in real-time from the Leveris back-office and Data Warehouse.


A standard transaction/deposit account with support for a range of additional services such as internal and external payments, debit card, multi-currency accounts and foreign exchange.

The Current Account can be designed and built with various services, features and pricing structures. This enables our clients to build products to match their business goals and objectives.


Leveris Statements capability includes; regular statements, on-demand statements, and changing of statement settings, e.g. statement frequency etc.

Multi currency Account

Foreign Exchange

Offer your customers the lowest FX rates for over 30 currencies.

The customer can switch their funds from one currency to another and initiate transactions in any desired currency.

Auto Conversion

An auto-conversion feature selects currencies depending on customer location. This can be turned on/off by the end customer in real-time.


Debit Card

Our customisable contactless debit-card comes with push notifications, custom limits and 3D Secure with two-factor authentication and can be used anywhere in the world.

Customers can create unlimited virtual cards allowing piece of mind while transacting online.


Customer can personalise their card to make it truly their own.


Leveris payments hub

Leveris Payments Hub is a standalone payment solution that offers banks and non-banks full centralisation and real-time control over the processing of any type of payment from any channel or source including SEPA and SWIFT.

All payments in the Leveris system are stored and managed asynchronously. In the event of a 3rd party payment rail outage, payments will be processed in the Leveris system and stored for execution once the issue is resolved.

Any payment type

Leveris supports a range of payments types including; Direct Debit, Standing Order and Pay-to-Contact.

Loan Servicing

All loan types

Leveris provides a loan servicing platform for secured and unsecured loans supporting various types of mortgages and personal loans.

The solution is fully-automated requiring no manual intervention resulting in materially lower business costs.

Loan manager

Differentiate your lending service with Leveris Loan Manager by offering your customers a unique, loan lifestyle product that gives them the ability to control their loan repayments and term, all within your predefined credit-thresholds.

Benefits of a
Software-Defined Bank

Leveris Digital Bank has been built from scratch using the most modern architectural principles and technologies on an open API framework. It has been designed to deliver a number of key business and technology outcomes for our clients.

The platform has been designed with configurability at every layer including product design and setup. Clients can also quickly adjust the platform configuration to deal with changing business needs or market conditions.

Leveris is an enterprise-grade, cloud-native solution that is designed to scale as your business scales.

The Leveris platform is specifically architected for on-going change. It allows for rapid innovation and rapid response to changing regulation. 

Process automation, synchronised channels and end-to-end data model significantly reduces the need for manual intervention allowing for straight-through processing thereby reducing cost and increasing data-integrity. 

Our API infrastructure allows for both faster internal innovation and integration with 3rd party systems while maintaining one Single View of Customer across all applications, internal or external.

Universal data model and modern data warehouse gives advanced capabilities to visualise, analyse and monetise data.


Data Platform

Everything on the Leveris platform is architected around an Operational Single View of the Customer (OSVC). Nothing is batch processed. Everything is real-time and straight-through (STP). All parts of the system have the most up-to-date information at all times.

The holy grail of banking

Consolidated data

In banking, Operational Single View of Customer (OSVC) is an extremely difficult and expensive goal to attain. The Leveris Platform is architected from the ground up around the principle of maintaining this single view. All data from all applications pertaining to an individual customer, whether internal, external or 3rd party, accrues into one location.

The world's first

Software-defined bank

Nothing on the Leveris platform is hard-coded, everything is configured through management interfaces. The infrastructure, the network, the applications, the frameworks and the instances are all defined by software delivering unmatched flexibility and agility, giving you the world’s first software-defined bank.

Leveris Digital Bank

The world’s first software defined bank.


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