A turnkey digital bank

Launch a compliant-ready retail bank, at speed.

A greenfield core banking system for traditional banks, challenger banks and consumer brands.

A market-ready digital bank

Our platform comes pre-integrated with all the banking services you need to launch and run a new digital bank. It means you can focus on banking while we take care of everything else.

A market-ready digital bank.

Our platform comes pre-integrated with the essential banking services you need to launch and run a digital bank. It means you can focus on banking while we take care of everything else.



A standalone, greenfield digital retail bank under your banking licence.


Everything you need to launch a digital retail bank under our banking licence.


Whether you’re looking to re-platform or launch your own digital challenger bank, LEVERIS provides everything you need.


A standalone, greenfield digital retail bank under your banking licence.


Launch a retail bank under our partner banking licence.

Out of the box

A FULL set of BANKING Modules

Our comprehensive banking platform comes fully loaded with all the modules needed to launch any banking product.

A modern API-driven digital banking system of record (SOR) for secure recording and processing of rich transactions.

Allows extensive operational and management capabilities to support our clients in fulfilling their legal, regulatory and business requirements for financial accounting procedures.

Deliver fast and reliable payments to the end customer from any channel or source, including SEPA and SWIFT.

Our currency conversion and rates management capability is designed to support our clients in delivering FX products to the market quickly and easily.

Communicate, connect and integrate with third-party vendors via our APIs to create a seamless end-to-end journey for customers.

Identify how to respond to potential future events, such as a rapid spike in customers, to determine tech and staffing needs.

Generate real-time customer or product query results at exceptional speeds by storing and tracking your data in our Data Warehouse (DWH) and data marts.

Enhance the performance of card solutions and adopt excellent administration capabilities to manage card portfolios.

Create different deposit products based on a variety of parameters and provide a full lifecycle self-service functionality to customers through digital channels.

Unify a multitude of customer information from different silos, centralise it and generate it as a precise, comprehensive view of each customer.

Apply fees and interest automatically and/or manually from an intuitive dashboard.

Take ownership of the tech and interact with your customers within your own branded iOS and Android app.

Send automated push notifications to customers through various channels when required, helping boost app engagement and customer retention.

Configure fees and interest, FX, cards capabilities, payments and more on an individual and group product level.

Develop a concise and secure audit trail by storing documentation as durable electronic files.

Access all customer, product and system information in one place to perform administrative tasks from our back-office.

Account for language/cultural differences in various markets and adapt your product’s messaging to suit a specific country or region.

Extract any dataset to create custom reports and get real-time business information to decision-makers when they need it.

Truly end-to-end

Back to Front

From the core banking system in the back to a white-label app for iOS and Android at the front, LEVERIS delivers the complete end-to-end banking solution.

Out of the box

A hygiene set of consumer products

Launch your digital bank with a set of essential banking products with the option to choose from a menu of more.

Onboard customers quickly and easily while maintaining high KYC and AML standards with our completely digital, fully automated solution.

Give customers a secure, error-free experience using physical or virtual cards to complete transactions and provide a wealth of information on real-time card activity in their mobile app.

Easy to follow and intuitive, our solution allows your customers to make payments from a smartphone device in seconds and in a variety of different currencies.

Set your customers up with standard transaction/deposit accounts that support a range of additional services such as internal and external payments, debit card, multi-currency accounts and foreign exchange.

With access to over 30 currencies, auto-sequencing, auto-conversion and much more, your customers can hold multiple currencies in one account and IBAN.

Offer your customers purchase rewards they can redeem as cash, gift cards or e-codes with retail partners.

Our solution offers highly configurable savings accounts with options around interest rates, fees, terms, lock-in periods and min/max holdings.

The ability to set up savings goals, create automatic savings rules and track progress makes it easy for customers to save money.

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Use data as an asset, not a liability

The LEVERIS Platform is architected around the principle of Operational Single View of Customer (OSVC).

Turnkey banking. It's time.

We've already built your turnkey future-proofed digital bank. All it needs is your vision.