Leveris is converging technology, people and data to create a better way to build a digital bank. By removing the constraints imposed by legacy technology, we have imagined a better way to start again.

To build the future of digital infrastructure.

To use technology to break down barriers between people, systems and data.

To use imagination and determination to invent a better way, improving the future for individuals, businesses and society.

Our people

We are imagining a better way to… start again. A call out for financial institutions to reimagine the future of banking, to pursue change with clarity and conviction. To reset the financial services infrastructure from the ground up and start again. Some of us were engineers, salespeople, analysts and even rocket scientists before we found our calling here. Our backgrounds may vary across banking, business and tech, but we’ve one key thing in common – we’ve all been customers. 

Together, we have imagined a better way to build a bank.

What we believe

Lasting, purposeful progress is driven by people and businesses with the imagination and determination to improve the future.

Working with leaders and digital pioneers, we are converging technology, people and data, creating a better way to build a bank.

A better way is one that drives economic growth, that is sustainable and inclusive, that is not afraid to go against common thinking, and improves the way things work and the way we live. A better way is one that allows visionaries the freedom to create agile banks that attract the brightest minds looking to solve our greatest challenges.

Banks that adopt this vision will be the enablers of continuous and sustained innovation. There has never been a better time to break free from the constraints imposed by legacy systems and business models to pursue change with clarity and conviction. 

Leveris aims to reset the financial services infrastructure from the ground up and start again in order to embark on future journeys completely unencumbered. 

At Leveris, we imagine a better way and then we build it.

What fuels us?

Our values represent what we stand for and believe in. It’s about how we work together, treat our customers, and view the world. Our Unceasing Imagination, United Integrity and Relentless Determination are our driving emotions that propel us forward to improve the future for individuals, businesses and society. 



We are propelled by our ability as a team and individuals to actively think of new ideas to improve the way things work.

To raise new question and possibilities to look at things through a different lens and go against common thinking. We use our Unceasing Imagination to make things work simpler and better, for our colleagues, clients and their customers.



Staying true to our purpose to invent a better way for how things work, for how we work together, and the way we do business is integral to the DNA of our culture.

Unified Integrity is our character and moral compass as an organisation. It means we inspire trust and honesty in our people and our clients by doing exactly what we say. It means that our organisation has an integral structure, which is well aligned and unified, not uniform.



We are driven to continuously strive for the best in everything we do, even though the task may be difficult. It is our resolve to keep going, to continuously exceed, to learn from our mistakes and bring our ideas to life.

Relentless determination is our passion and resilience to improve the way we work and the way things work, for our clients and their customers.

200+ Team Members

4 Offices

1 Vision


Block 1
Business Park
A94 D2W0


Building E
Avenir Business Park
Radlická 751/113e
Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Rep

Kolište 912/21c
602 00
Czech Republic

2nd Floor ​57 Dzerzhinsky Avenue


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