Highly automated lending solution with unlimited options for customisation.

Download ‘How LEVERIS Does… Lending’  to learn;

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Download ‘How LEVERIS Does… Lending’ to learn;

Get your free copy by filling out the form below:

Live in <8 Weeks

Avoid lengthy deployment timeframes and launch your business in weeks

Flexible Lending

Configure a wide range of loan parameters – from repayment calculations to fee types. 

Built on data

Use real-time data to generate insights on customer behaviour to make decisions

“This partnership will enable us to enhance traction across the broader banking universe through the application of next generation technology.”


CEO, Banking & Credit Management, Link Group

Managed from one real-time platform

The intuitive back-office interface allows for the complete administration of your business.

Unmatched options for product differentiation

Unlimited parameter variations for deposit a/c, savings a/c, FX a/c, fixed or variable interest rates, loans, linear, annuity or interest-only repayments, fee types, day-count convention, surcharges and more. 

Leveris loan parts screen

Partnering with the best to deliver the best.


A cloud-native, real-time, highly automated lending solution.