How LEVERIS brought its new brand to life

Aidan Lawlor
Aidan Lawlor

What’s this all about?

In November 2019, LEVERIS launched a new brand to reflect what the company had become: strong, resilient, innovative. From choosing new fonts and colours to developing a unique wordmark, Aidan Lawlor, Head of Marketing, talks us through the process.

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We started Leveris many years ago because we were frustrated by the service we got from our banks. As customers, we watched industries like music, transport, accommodation and even dating cleverly use modern technology to rapidly transform.

Banking, however, had remained stuck in the past.

With a vision for improving the way banks deliver user experiences for their customers and also for their employees, we set out to create a new way to build a digital bank.


2016 and beyond

LEVERIS saw a few years of exciting growth which included launching two solutions built on one platform. But we needed to update our brand and messaging to better reflect who we were and all we had to offer.

We knew from the beginning that we couldn’t do this alone. We needed expert help so we asked internationally renowned branding agency, Richards Dee, to be our guides and help us create our new brand.

Over a period of six months, an enormous amount of work was put into this project and today I am very excited to share with you, the new LEVERIS brand.

So what has changed? Let me show you.


As you can see, we’ve moved away from our purple gradient to the more confident, mature primary colours of Onyx Black and Bawn White – contrasting hues that work more powerfully together than they do on their own.

To supplement these strong primary colours, we added our highlight colours of Argent, Slate and Maya Blue. Argent and Slate give depth while Maya Blue signifies our imagination and focus on innovation.

This new colour palette reflects the maturity of our company equally as much as the maturity of our platform. We are no longer a start-up of 20 people working in a small office in Dublin. Now, we are over 200-strong, working together across four cities globally. 

Our belief is that Onyx Black and Bawn White perfectly reflect who we are and what we have built:

  • A platform that is the ‘core’ of everything a bank does or wants to do in the future
  • A platform to which others connect 
  • A platform that doesn’t inhibit innovation, but actively encourages it
  • A foundation on which banks and other fintechs can build

Our new wordmark

Leveris wordmark
Leveris black and white wordmark

We’ve moved away from our stacked logo to a more simple, mature wordmark. Over the years, we saw many other tech companies using a similar stack logo, a trend that has continued. For this reason, we thought it time for something a little more unique.

We wanted our new brand to be immediately recognisable and the best way to do this was to develop a classic wordmark. We based this on our old logo but adapted it to evolve into a design that reflects how we perceive ourselves.

Strong. Resilient. Innovative.

Agility needs a strong central structure to provide a stable foundation. That way, it can respond quickly and effectively to change. Thus, solutions can adapt, grow and continuously improve the way things work.

Below you can see our evolution from old to new.

Our new font

Leveris flama font

The design features oval shapes but also has a touch more of a grotesque feel. It’s a flexible font that sits well suitable for a wide range of uses. We think it helps share our message in a unique and meaningful way.

Our favicon

Our favicon is a simple representation of our company name (the letter L) and our core banking platform (the Maya Blue square) sitting just above it. You can see it in the browser now.


Bringing the new brand to life

Our grid is constructed from our logo. We have created a 7×7 grid with each square equal in space to the letterforms in our logo.

This grid forms the underlying structure for the LEVERIS graphics system. A maximum of seven squares can be chosen, representing the modularity of the core. This agility is communicated by varying the scale, stroke weight and the number of squares used.

Finally, to complete the system, Maya Blue is used to colour one square only. This represents both the core and the imagination inherent in the company.

For presentation purposes, these squares can be used as vehicles for key messages or information.

Colours, wordmarks and fonts are all well and good. But what does it look like out in the wild? We think it looks pretty special. I hope you agree.

New brand, same vision

You’ll notice the new changes in effect across all our channels. Currently, our website shows the biggest visual change. But you’ll also see it within the products, where we have updated the default colour, logos and animation.  

This is just the beginning of our new brand. I’m excited to have it to guide us as we build new products, reach new milestones and continue to grow.

We began our journey many years ago with a dream of creating a digital banking platform – one that would allow financial institutions to launch banks that are fast, nimble and focused on the customer experience.

I’m confident we’ll continue to go from strength to strength.

I hope you’re as excited by this change as we are.

Aidan Lawlor
Aidan Lawlor

The all-in-one core banking platform.

A fully-integrated banking platform for better banking and smarter lending.

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