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Lifecycle lending for any loan type

An end-to-end lending solution for banks, lenders and loan servicers.

Full loan lifecycle management

Originate, underwrite, disperse and service any type of loan.


Loan application (KYC, AML) through Leveris platform or via API to 3rd party originators.


Application review and decisioning, including flows for additional information and counteroffer.


Assess the borrower's ability to repay the loan based on an analysis of their credit, capacity, and/or collateral.


Loan completion and funds disbursement.


Customer management, notifications, statement generation plus self-service within app and loan manager.

Loan Types

A complete loan solution for every loan type.

Personal Loans

Provide personal loans through a simple application process that gives eligibility approval in seconds.


Mortgages made easy for borrowers, lenders and servicers with the ability to view, track, modify and configure loans in real-time.


Offer and approve car loans in an instant through in-app features that facilitate documentation and electronic signatures.


Fast approval and release of credit to small and medium-sized companies without the red tape that cripples time-poor business owners.


A full set of loan features out of the box


Our lending capabilities

Whether you’re a bank, lender or loan servicer, LEVERIS Lending provides everything you need to manage any type of secured or unsecured loan.

Expand everything

Take advantage of a cloud environment with capabilities such as elasticity, consumption-based billing and security.

Events and transactions are processed in real-time, meaning manual intervention is only required on an exception basis.

Enhance platform and product functionality by integrating with other third-party vendors via our extensive APIs.
Launch innovative and differentiated lending products using the platform’s flexible product configurator.

Automate processing and reconciliation of payments via the pre-integrated LEVERIS payment hub.

Reduce infrastructure and licencing costs by servicing multiple lenders on a single platform instance.

Automate processing and reconciliation of payments via the pre-integrated LEVERIS payment hub.

The LEVERIS platform can offer a wide range of loans from simple personal loans to more complex multi-part, construction and mortgage loans.

A 360 view of all your loans and customers on one complete platform.

Retrieve and offer multiple automated loan offers and quotes in real-time via our business rules engine.

Loans can be restructured as often as client policy allows. Changes can be made on the fly with calculations direct from the core system and applied instantly to a customer’s loan.

Any event that occurs in the system can have a fee attributed to it automatically. The fee types supported include everything from origination and early redemption fees to re-evaluation and notification fees.

Beautiful experiences

Any device,
any time

Omni-channel and seamless experiences for your customers on mobile, tablet and desktop lets them start a loan application on one device and complete it on another.


Full loan lifecycle management


API- and cloud-based architecture allows our clients to benefit from the platform’s efficiency, scalability and endless integration possibilities.


Our highly flexible configuration provides a quick, safe way to launch new products to market and also helps our clients easily manage any changes in a customer’s credit needs.


The event-driven system enables the capture of all loan-related activity. This provides a detailed audit trail of every action, available to view through the back-office and data warehouse.


A proven solution

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The all-in-one lending solution for banks, non-banks and loan servicers.