Leveris Loan Servicing

Every loan type serviced on one platform

A cloud-native loan servicing solution that is fast, secure and automated.

Delivering the first complete

Loan servicing solution

A full, end-to-end loan servicing solution that delivers everything you need to service any type of loan.

Highly flexible

Loan Manager

Differentiate your lending service with Leveris Loan Manager by offering your customers a unique, loan lifestyle product that gives them the ability to control their loan repayments and term, all within your predefined credit-thresholds.

Your customers can decrease monthly payments, or take a month off. They can also increase payments to shorten the term. It’s their loan so it should be as flexible as they need it to be.

Key features for

any lending business

The Leveris Loan Servicing solution sits on the Leveris Lending Platform which has been built from scratch using the most modern architectural principles and technologies on an open API framework. It has been designed to deliver a number of key business and technology outcomes for our clients.

The Leveris platform has been designed with configurability at every layer including product design and setup. Clients can also quickly adjust the platform configuration to deal with changing business needs or market conditions.

Fees can be applied against a loan account at any time during loan servicing Automatically and/or Manually.

The Leveris Document Management solution provides sufficient flexibility and document/template configuration capability to cover most business needs and is natively integrated with the lending platform.

There are three interest rate calculation types upon which the Payment Schedule can be calculated depending on the client loan product configuration: Annuity ,Linear, Interest only.

The system allows the product to be configured to set triggers and specific interest rates that should be applied when certain thresholds like LTV or residual debt are reached.

The Leveris Single View of Customer (SVC) presents a 360-degree view of a customer. The SVC shows a categorical source of truth of the customer through the display of basic customer and contact information, products and provided documentation.

The Leveris platform provides the functionality to make adjustments to the calculated repayment schedule in realtime for each loan part on a customer account.

The ability to configure interest rates with a discount period, e.g. 0.5% for 12 months. These can be applied to individual loan parts or the entire loan as required.

Leveris Payments Hub is a standalone payment solution that offers loan providers full centralisation and real-time control over the processing of any type of payment from any channel or source.

back office that provides

total control

The Leveris Back Office interface consists of a full suite of actions and activities, covering customer, product and administrative controls. These administrative controls allow for the effective management of all of the client’s loan offerings.


Driving efficiency through

Service Automation

The Leveris platform has been built to automate a variety of standard tasks and processes that are required in the delivery and servicing of loan products, reducing the need for manual intervention and time taken to service loans.

Loan Servicing-as-a-Service

A flexible, configurable and highly automated loan servicing solution for any loan type. 


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