A technology solution to a systemic problem

Modular, flexible and secure

By removing the constraints imposed by legacy technology, we have imagined a better way to build a banking platform.

A multipurpose banking platform built with modularity at its core.

Built on robust, scalable and highly secure architecture.

Leverage big data to streamline operations and increase revenue.

Software-defined banking

A revolutionary approach to banking where each stage of building, deploying, operating and applying changes to a bank’s applications and infrastructure is defined in code. That means the system has the ability to change and adapt in real-time.

Platform Specs

The impact of tech inflexibility is already being felt by financial institutions worldwide. The LEVERIS platform solves these problems.

Take advantage of a cloud environment with capabilities such as elasticity, consumption-based billing and security.

Platform automation and synchronised processes significantly reduce the need for manual intervention.

Access detailed, real-time customer data through state-of-the-art data warehousing.

Built from blank page to fully fledged real-time data platform.

Ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information by incorporating preventative, detective and reactive controls at the infrastructure, application and operational layers.

All data is mapped to a unique customer ID giving a complete and full customer view across your entire platform.

Avoid lengthy deployment timeframes and launch your proposition in a matter of weeks, not months.

Enhance platform and product functionality by integrating with other third-party vendors through open APIs.

Be compliant-ready with a platform built to recognise PSD2, GDPR, MiFID II and other financial and data regulations.

Select only the modules you need to create a platform that’s relevant to your business.

Reduce the cost, time and risk of system upgrades through Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment (CD/CD).

Configurable at every layer from front-end interfaces to product set-up and GL accounting.

The environment is designed for 24×7 operation with no single points of failure, built and operated by a team of engineers and DevOPS professionals with deep enterprise operations experience.

Respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions with a platform that produces, detects, consumes and responds to system events.

An elastic technology stack that scales to your needs and grows with you.

Partnering with the best to deliver the best.

Your managed banking platform

We look after upgrades, maintenance, platform compliance, servers, storage and all the other areas that detract from your day job. That leaves you free to build great customer relationships through an excellent data-driven financial platform.

Break Free From the Legacy Shackles

A completely modern, modular, non-legacy banking platform that is specifically architected to address the key challenges facing banks today.